Zachary Hervieux-Moore

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About Me

What I'm Up To:

Just started my first year of PhD at Princeton University. I'm part of the Operations Research/Financial Engineering (ORFE) department. In short, ORFE is the overlapping field of statistics, probability, and optimization theory and their applications. In lay terms, we seek to formulize different problems and quantify what it means to be the "best" solution. My area of interest is optimization theory and its intersection with computer science. That is, developing novel algorithms to find the optimal solution to a variety of different problems or showing that such an algorithm doesn't exist.

My Interests:

I have a passion for advanced mathematics, high technology, and trying to combine the two. Whether it be learning the latest web framework (I'm a Rails guy) or trying to apply signal processing methods to the stock market, I'm always looking to push my boundaries and increase my knowledge. My main interests include web and mobile development, economics and the stock market, artificial intelligence, and robotics.

What I Do For Fun:

My current passion is skiing. This past break, I had the fortune of going skiing a couple of times at Sunshine in Banff with my twin and brother-in-law. Hopefully I'll get around to writing a blog post and editing some of my GoPro footage. On weekends, I usually work at the graduate bar at Princeton which is always a fun place for me. With what little time I have to volunteer, I use it to teach inmates mathematics through the Princeton Prison Teaching Initiative. This semester, I'm teaching at Fort Dix, the largest prison in the US. Finally, I also like to think I'm a trivia buff and enjoy taking a thirty minute break out of my day to watch Jeopardy!

My Personal Motto:

The achievement of new heights through solid fundamentals.

My Personal Mission Statement:

To positively impact the world by pursuing excellence in myself and my work, seek innovative solutions to interesting challenges, and hold myself to the highest degree of integrity.


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